Sunday, July 22, 2018

Hermes Petit h Purse Charms Galloping This Way

Last month I posted two Hermes boxes and wrioe about the ribbon charms attached....well....I thought you'd like to see what was inside those two boxes:   Petit h purse charms!!!  My mom is a horse lover and she bought them for me for my birthday.  Unfortunately, Hermes doesn't let you chose the color of the charms, which can be a bit problematic, but lucky the two they sent match well with my bags. 

Hermes petit h horse purse charm in light blue

This one looks great on my navy Birkin.  The silk attachment also matches very well.

Hermes petit h horse purse charm in tan

This one creates a subtle  tone on tone effect on my gold Birkin with a bright pink silk attachment.

Each charm has a different color on the back.  I didn't take photos of the back, but the light blue is dark olive green on the back and the tan one is sort of a mocha color.  You can use them on either side which is nice and makes them more versatile.  

Such a fun birthday gift!  Thanks Mom :-)

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