Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vintage Treasures

There is an amazing vintage store in Katonah/Bedford Hills called Vintage!.  I've posted about a couple of my shopping trip treasures from there before on this blog.  I love browsing the jewelry and am always looking for '60's flower pins in pretty colors.  I was able to make a vintage pit stop in the store yesterday as I was running errands and, as always, I was not disappointed!

I found a vintage flower pin in a really pretty shade of pastel pink.

Vintage '60's flower pin

I have a small collection of these pins and plan to eventually do something creative with them, but for now I occasionally wear them with a suit.  

I also found a super cool pair of vintage earrings.  Unfortunately, they are unmarked, so I don't know the provenance, but I just love the discs with the red centers.  They're both glam & mod.  I can't wait to wear them with a black cocktail dress!

Vintage earrings

Cool disks!

I'm looking forward to another visit to Vintage! later this summer when I can spend at least a full hour poking around.

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