Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sock It To Me

I'm not a big wearer of socks, except at the gym with my sneakers.  I don't really have a sock friendly lifestyle.   By day I'm either in Uggs in the winter or flip flops and moccasins in the summer and none of those call for socks.  At night I'm in heels or strappy sandals even if it's snowing out, so no socks for me.  I don't like bringing outside dirt into my apartment so my shoes come off at the door and I run around barefoot.  But, growing up I used to wear socks every day. I had argyle socks in every color combination as a teenager and I matched them to my outfits.  And, I also remember having "toe socks" that were like gloves for the feet with a separate space for each toe. These days I only buy socks as gifts for male friends who love them, and for my mom, who also loves them.   I try to buy fun, colorful ones to make it interesting.  Well, for Christmas both my mother and I found stripped socks in our stockings.....I have to say I'm actually loving mine and this may have reignited my old interest in socks and given me a whole new category of accessory to love.

My new socks by Joules Clothing Great Britain

An unexpected dash of yellow on the heel

Santa Claus left theses color blocked socks by 
Happy Socks for my mother

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