Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Direct from Paris....My New Barbara Rihl Bag

Barbara Rihl bag with cockatoo

A friend of mine recently returned from Paris and brought me the cutest Barbara Rihl bag above. This brand is new to me, but apparently not a new brand, with fans such as Kate Middleton, Emma Watson and Mick Jagger, and I'm now a little obsessed.  Many of the bags have a travel theme and are decorated accordingly.  The bag my friend chose for me has a cockatoo on it, because I have a real live cockatoo.  The bags are fun and whimsical and many, like mine, are convertible from a clutch to a handheld to a cross body.  I've never had a bag that comes with two distinct detachable straps before, so that's pretty cool.   I also love the packaging that has a lot of attention to detail.  Here's the web site if you want to take a closer look:  www.barbararihl.com .

My Barbara Rihl gift deconstructed:  Shopping bag, box, 
bag itself, protective plastic pouch and two straps.

Presentation is so important...here's the box the bag came in.

I love the zippered protective pouch, which could even 
be used as a make up pouch on it's own!

As soon as it stops raining here in New York, my new bag and I are going out on the town!

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