Friday, December 13, 2013

The Wendy Neuss Jewelry Collection

Last weekend I was invited for holiday refreshments and a trunk show at the home of jewelry designer Wendy Neuss.  I've known Wendy for about a year now and I had seen a mutual friend wearing one of Wendy's creations a couple of years ago and I was excited to see the whole collection.  Wendy has a very interesting backstory.  Before she was a jewelry designer she was an Emmy nominated Hollywood producer of the Star Trek series.  Her creativity and talent are now channeled into her lovely jewelry. 

Wendy Neuss wearing two of her tassel necklaces. 
Behind her is an Al Hirschfeld drawing of the
Star Trek:  The Next Generation cast

The collection has a range of prices and styles, from delicate drop earrings to bold statement necklaces.  There were so many pretty pieces that caught my eye, especially the tassel necklaces and the statement necklaces made with vintage lucite beads.  Luckily, I convinced Wendy to do a little informal modeling for the blog.

A closer look at the beautiful tassel necklaces on Wendy

More tassel necklaces...the one with the colored stones is fabulous

Beautiful beads and chains

A selection of colorful beaded necklaces

Delicate earrings

Wendy modeling earrings and several chic bracelets

All of the pieces are things I would wear, but my absolute favorites were the necklaces made from vintage lucite beads.  I love vintage and am a little obsessed with vintage lucite so these were perfect for me.  I like that they are one of a kind.

Amazing statement necklaces made with vintage lucite beads

I wanted to own a piece of Wendy's jewelry for my collection, but I had trouble deciding between the green, my favorite color that matches my eyes,  and the black that is a staple, especially in NYC.   I finally decided on the black one.  It has gold beads as well and gold and black is very chic right now.  I love it so much I wore it to a black tie event two days after I bought it, and someone at the event mentioned Wendy and I was proud to point to my neck and say "I know her and this is her necklace!" 

Me wearing my stunning Wendy Neuss necklace

If you are interested in Wendy's jewelry she can be reached at

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