Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orange Is The New Pink

As temps drop in the Northeast I'm switching to my Fall/Winter wardrobe and that means pastel and light colors will be hibernating in my closet until Spring.  I certainly will wear light colored shirts, but all pants, outerwear, shoes and bags are now dark or deep jewel toned.  Unfortunately, this means no light pink, baby blue, pale yellow, or celery green for a while for me and since I like a pop of color against my black wool coat, and I feel like red bags have become commonplace (although still very nice), I went in search of something fabulous and discovered orange.  Obviously I've been aware of the color orange all my life, but it's not a color I have ever worn much.  I don't think it looks that great near my face and kind of washes me out, but I've decided that an orange bag, nowhere near my pale skin, would bring a breath of fresh air to the dull gray of Winter.  Orange is sort of pink with a tan, (which I wish I had at the moment).  And, it goes with black, brown, winter white, tan, navy...all the staples in a Winter wardrobe. 

My new orange crush was discovered in TJ Maxx at less than 60% of the retail price.  It has already made its public debut to rave reviews.

Orange Dooney & Bourke bag

I always like to have a color appear in an outfit in more than one place so it doesn't look random and the outfit looks more pulled together.  I have almost no orange in my wardrobe, but I do have the two necklaces that will work.  The one on the left is now vintage and was given to me by a friend when I was probably about nine or ten years old.  Her father was a diplomat and I think she got it at the UN gift shop.  I love it, because it's so 70's.

Dooney & Bourke bag with orange necklaces

Vintage '70's necklace

Off I trudge into the first day of snow flurries here in NYC with a bright orange bag and dreams of Spring.

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