Monday, March 11, 2013

Spotted: Lanvin Lizard Necklace

A few days ago I was dining at Doubles and was introduced to a very lovely young woman, Patricia Suarez de Sola.  I immediately noticed the fabulous necklace she was wearing:  a large salamander with blue stones, and I had to ask her about it.  Patricia told me it was from Lanvin, and that it also comes in red.  She was wearing it with a conservative outfit of black pants and top that was the perfect backdrop for this very whimsical piece.  I love how she made it the focal point of her outfit and kept everything else very simple.  Unique, statement jewelry like this is amazing because one piece is all you need to wear with a solid color outfit to look pulled together.  She was nice enough to let me take some photos...

Patricia Suarez de Sola wearing a Lanvin Salamander necklace
(photo by Daniel Colon)
A closer look
(photo by Daniel Colon)
I was totally obsessed with the necklace because I love pieces like this, especially when they are animal or nature themed, so I did an internet search when I got home and found close up photos of both the blue and the red ones on a site  Perfect accessory for Spring and Summer!


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