Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of Year Sparkle

Tonight is the big night!  It's New Year's Eve and, for many people, their one big night out of the year.  Whether you are a glamour girl 24/7/365 or just on NYE this is a night to shine, sparkle and pop!

Sequin dresses are big right now and perfect for a NYE bash, but you can make just as big a splash with some glittery, over the top accessories, or a silk dress with a beaded cardigan.  Personally, I love accessories for transforming a simple black or navy dress into a wow outfit.  If you're still having trouble deciding what to wear tonight here are a few items that I used during the holiday season at a variety of parties I attended and a pair of outstanding shoes that belong to a friend of mine.  Perhaps these photos will inspire you as you get dressed tonight!

Most importantly have a great night, best wishes for a happy, healthy 2013 and be safe tonight!  Accessory Generation will be back in 2013 with some new features and more posts of New York's most stylish women sporting their beautiful accessories in style :-)

Kate Spade collar necklace catches the light and shines

The same necklace:  it's covered in bling

Custom made bracelet from a ballroom dance shop, the mecca for bling.
Covered in Swarovski crystals.  

Gorgeous Christian Louboutin sparklers on the well manicured feet of Alexandra Anza.

A beaded cardigan from Talbots.  Festive, yet still conservative for someone
wishing to have a little more coverage.

And, finally, a reminder that sometimes we must suffer for beauty:  that stunning collar necklace is so heavy that it left red marks on my collarbone.  But, trust me, I'll be wearing that necklace again just like I will continue to wear beautiful shoes that pinch my toes.   Like generations of stylish woman before me I love my accessories no matter what and strongly believe in 'no pain, no gain.'  Adios 2012, Welcome 2013!  

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