Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do Do Birds & Baubles

I love Pomellato's Do Do line of charms and all the fun combinations that can be made in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  The charms, mostly of animals, each have a meaning, like totems, and when strung on a cord with small beads in silver, yellow and rose gold create a very trendy, cool style.  A little bohemian, but the tri colored gold and silver combinations are also very Caribbean-Euro and remind me of winter break in St. Martin with my dad when all the French jewelry stores showcased tri colored gold. 

I stumbled on the Do Do line a number of years ago in Bergdorf's and ended up getting a parrot necklace for myself and a horse necklace for my mom since those are our passions (or money pits, however you choose to look at it).  Then, as fate would have it, a couple years ago I attended a charity event at the Pomellato store and purchased an octopus necklace.  I love octopei and part of the purchase price went to the charity--double bonus!  Bloomingdale's also has a Do Do counter and for the past couple of years, every time I passed by I stopped to look at the charms, but resisted the lure of the glittering gold.  One day they were stringing a bracelet for a customer and I loved the look.  The temptation proved too great so I recently designed three bracelets using animals that have special meaning for me:  cat, dog, horse, chick and owl.  They look great worn next to my two tone watch.  The coolest part is that no one in the whole world will have exactly the same ones, because I put together the combination of charms and beads myself.  And, if I ever tire of them I can have them restrung on another color cord or turned into a necklace or earrings to be worn in a new and different way.

Do Do bracelets

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